The club is dedicated to teaching financial analysis and professionalism, and encouraging strong character, strong ethics, and diversity. Through participation in the club, members will also have the opportunity to do the following:

  • Learn financial analysis skills like discounted cash flow analysis, relative company valuation, macroeconomic outlook analysis, and market valuation.
  • Attend weekly meetings to hear stock analysis presentations, macroeconomic outlook and market valuation presentations, portfolio rebalance presentations, guest speakers, and career-preparation seminars.
  • Develop a stock analysis to include with job applications and to post on LinkedIn.
  • Make presentations to the Club, the Symposium On Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (SOURCE), and members of the CWU Foundation Board.
  • Take leadership positions (if willing to plan club activities). 
  • Participate in regional team competitions.
  • Participate in quarterly club team/committee presentations including the Market Analysis Committee (macroeconomic outlook and market valuation) and Portfolio Rebalance Committee.
  • Take a summer for-credit course to accelerate financial analysis skill development.
  • Network at alumni events.
  • Visit corporate finance departments.
  • Listen to guest speakers.
  • Obtain essential job-market-success skills through internships, resume reviews, mock interviews, networking opportunities, and critical career-preparation information.
  • Build a powerful resume for finance jobs.
  • Develop a support network of individuals dedicated to bettering themselves and others, as financial analysts and as people, for now and forever.